What Are Grandparent Rights In Texas

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Texas Legal attorney Jaclyn Y. Roberson gets many calls from grandparents wondering about their legal rights to see or have custody of their grandchildren. “Texas law does allow for limited access based on being a grandparents,” says Roberson, although she says those rights depend on the circumstances in each individual case.

Grandparents Law in Texas. Generally, grandparents’ rights in Texas cover custody and visitation. While the law does not give a grandparent absolute rights to visitation, grandparents may file for custody or visitation if they believe it is in the child’s best interests.

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Discusses orders terminating parental rights (and mentions the rights of a biological or adoptive maternal or paternal grandparent). Texas Family Code sec. 162.017 Discusses the effect of adoption on the rights of a biological or adoptive grandparent.

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Grandparents Rights in Texas Section 102.003 of the Texas Human Resources Code explains these rights. Right to be Free to Exercise Civil Rights Under the Law. The elderly have the same civil rights as other adults under U.S. and Texas laws, except where lawfully restricted.

Dear Jeff: What are my rights as a grandparent for visitation with my grandchildren? Thanks, “To Grandmother’s House We Go” Dear “Grandmother’s”: Under the Texas Family Code, grandparents have a right …

Grandparents’ custody rights in Texas is a frequently overlooked topic in Texas family law. So much ink has been spilled about how to win a child custody case—from a parent’s perspective. It’s easy to forget about the rights of the child’s extended family, including their grandparents.

Under Texas law, grandparent visitation rights are well established. A grandparent can petition the court to establish visitation rights with a grandchild or to modify an existing visitation order. Before a judge will award visitation privileges, the grandparent must prove that visitation is in the child’s best interests.

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